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Who owns the Spartans?

The Upper Cape Spartans are a non-profit corporation founded in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.    A non-profit is owned by no-one and everyone both at the same time. It is a public organization that belongs to the public at-large.  The parties responsible to operate the organization for the stakeholders are the members of the board of [...]

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Why are you an “Upper Cape” program?

On Cape Cod, prior to 2012, a monopoly existed with regards to youth football.  If your child was able to meet the age and weight requirements defined by national Pop Warner, your child could play for a town Pop Warner team (Falmouth, Bourne, Mashpee or Sandwich).  Unfortunately, many great kids who wanted to play youth [...]

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What town are the Spartans based?

Despite being called the Upper Cape Spartans, the program was founded in Falmouth, Massachusetts and the principle office is in Falmouth.  Beginning in the 2015 season, our practices and home games were hosted by the town of Mashpee.

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How can I stay updated on UCS information?

UCS e-mails and posts a monthly newsletter during the off-season and weekly starting the first week of August. Updates can be found on our website under news. Any immediate updates are sent out via email by the UCS secretary or president. We also recommend that you become a member of the UCS Facebook Page, found [...]

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