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With over 23,000 Teams in 50 states and counting, AYF is the best youth football and cheerleading experience available.

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The Upper Cape Spartans are a public, non-profit 501.C3 corporation dedicated to creating an environment of discipline, self-respect and success to aid in the academic, athletic and social success of our student-athletes. Our mission is to use the educational power of youth football and cheerleading to help the children of Upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Falmouth, Bourne, Mashpee and Sandwich to reach their highest potential.

We are proud members of the Blackstone Valley American Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference. American Youth Football was established in 1996 and is the largest Youth Football and Cheerleading organization in the world. Dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models, emphasis is on learning, playing and enjoying the sport while instilling high moral standards by stressing the importance of academic achievement and community involvement. AYF players will learn to both foster confidence and a sense of self-worth that extend beyond the gridiron and into the school, family and community. Sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility and self-discipline are among the traits needed by youngsters to face the future with positive aspirations and confidence. If we teach them positive lessons, such as playing by the rules, our young athletes will learn to live by the rules.

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This organization would not be possible without the support and commitment of the sponsors and volunteers in our community.  Ideal Floor Covering in Falmouth has been a tremendous supporter of the mission of the Spartans from Day 1.  Together, everyone achieves more.




Can’t even think of one negative thing to say about entire the program or the selfless people who give all of their “free” time to mentor our players/children!
Erin D.
This organization is the best !! It’s a family atmosphere and I am so thankful for everyone that donates there time !!! You’re awesome !!!!! Best coaches ever !!!!!
Leah T.
Love everything this program has to offer!!!
Savanna P.
Great organization to be a part of as well as coach.
James T.
Great program for the kids! My boys love playing football for the Spartans!
Kimberly M.
I wanted to take a minute to let you know how impressed…I am with the league. The weekly themes with emails are a great way to tie the excitement they get on the field with the responsibility needed to get there. We also like the weekly eligibility forms for the teachers and parents. My son is dyslexic and has struggled a lot with school the past two years. Knowing that his football coach and teachers are communicating has changed his attitude towards school. He seems more determined to succeed. So Thank You for doing a great job. You are definitely making a difference.
Kate R.
My son is loving the sport now more than ever and has a confidence I have never seen before. He is respectful of his team mates, and sings their praises constantly.
Jennifer D.
…[The coach] is teaching our children more than just football he’s teaching them teamwork, good sportsmanship, hard work, and respect…
Stephanie G.
This program is what other teams should strive to be, and strive to duplicate. I have had a first hand account of how this program shape these young men. After one of the games that my son played in. We walked towards our and car my son made a point to high five each kid from the other team and say to them “good job out there”. Now to most it doesn’t seem like much but a 7 year old who takes it upon himself to show sportsmanship on as well as off the field is a great compliment to this organization and its staff. To see the parents of the opposing team stop with a look of amazement and say to us that is so sweet makes me a proud parent and proud to be part of the UCS Organization…
James T.
We love The Upper Cape Spartan youth football program. This was my 6 yr.olds first experience playing football. Everyone from the coaches to the families involved are 100% dedicated to these kids. My son learned to be positive, to be a team player, to work hard, to be tough and to never give up. I am very very impressed with the program and highly recommend all young men and women to give The Upper Cape Spartans a try.
Susan O.
…all I can say is WOW! Having coached at the college and high school level over the last 15 years, I was completely impressed at the organization, passion, and love these coaches and administrators demonstrated.
Chris P.
This is exactly how a Youth Football Org should be run.
Scott R.
Great program teaching kids how to be successful on and off the field!
Lindsay S.
What a great organization. I’m a so proud to be part of this.
Bobby S.
☆Upper Cape Spartans are an amazing organization and group of down to earth people. I can’t stress enough how much of a positive affect each coach, assistant coach, parent, and all involved have had on my 6yr old son. They teach, they care, they are dedicated. Thank you to this amazing program! ☆
Susan O.
great families great coaches great ball…
Paula D.
After attending the parent meeting and learning more about the program I realized they were teaching more than just football; they are pushing for success in school and at home as well as on the field…As the season progressed I began to notice some changes in my son…He made more of an effort. He was excelling in school. He truly thrived off of the praise he received from his coaches and teammates.
Lindsay S.
I love our coaches!!!! [My son] told me that they make him believe in himself…I almost cried!
Sarah T.
thanks to a great bunch of people who are participating in the greatest game in the world and teaching young men and women about the ups and downs of life through playing a fun game. This program deserves community support 100% . It is teaching more than football.
Bruce C.
This is a football organization that was created to teach far more than just football. The founders of the Upper Cape Spartans were coaches who understood that football provides life lessons that are simply unavailable through most other youth sports and activities, and they sought out best practices from across the country to build a great organization for the kids. The Upper Cape Spartans organization was founded on concepts of integrity and the development of leadership and character. This is an organization that respects and recognizes academic accomplishment alongside athletic accomplishment. I wouldn’t hesitate to have my child participate in this program.
Coach John Koester
The Upper Cape Spartans are a first class organization that not only teaches football and cheerleading to children aged 5 through 15, but stresses academics, the development of leadership characteristics, and the principles of good sportsmanship.

Strong leadership and dedicated volunteers make this a great organization to be involved with.

Bill G.
I have gotten to know the core group of parents that started and are leading this program — they are quality people who pour their hearts out into this program. It is really an exceptional program that values the kids, it’s a strong football / cheer program on the fundamentals but is so much more than that, character, academics and leadership are all emphasized, not just given lip service to. For any parent thinking about youth football or cheer who live on the Upper Cape, this is the right program for you. For any company in that area, this is a sponsorship opportunity you would be proud of.
Mark R.
We are so happy we found this organization and only wished we found it sooner. I have nothing negative to say at all. My boys will definitely be back next year to play football and my daughter for cheerleading. Thank you to all the people who make this possible for our little ones.
Ashley S.
Best organization ever run by some really awesome people! We couldn’t be more happier with the spartan team! The kids love it!
Sarah T.
Love this program!! Amazing coaches and amazing athletes !!
Sarah B.
Finally a children’s sports organization that is ALL about the children and the sport! We are a football and cheer family and couldn’t be happier with the progress both kids have made personally and athletically!
Jennifer D.
One thing is for sure these boys (on all of our teams) play hard, have awesome attitudes and are great sportsmen. What an awesome program. The coaches all deserve a big hand for helping to structure these boys into being kind smart and treating all with respect! Thank you.
Tabatha T.
We had an amazing season and the coaches definitely touched my heart with how much they gave to the kids!! But we will definitely be back next year and I can’t wait!!!
Debra H.
In just a few short weeks I have watched a group of boys become a winning team. It is the fundamentals of team work, sportsmanship , hard work and most of all RESPECT that these boys are learning that they will carry on through their years as football players and into life.
James A.
My review of the Upper Cape Spartans will be a little bit different than most whereas my 8 year old son played AGAINST the Upper Cape Spartans in the Norton Black Knights’ inaugural 2014 season. I must say whenever we saw the Upper Cape Spartans play they were beyond professional, prepared, competitive, athletic, and always great sports. That can be attributed to the parents, coaches, and Upper Cape Spartans’ leadership. I am proud to know of such an organization and look forward to any interactions on or off the field.
Jeff S.
The Upper Cape Spartans is more than just a football organization. They not only teach children how to play football they also teach them leadership, sportsmanship, character, responsibility, accountability, and teamwork. They recognize each players accomplishments on and off the field with emphasis on academics…
Katelyn R.
I just wanted to tell you guys that the work you’ve all done with these kids, including my own, is AMAZING! I get choked up every single time I see a video and my daughter is there so proud and confident! Not only am I a proud Mama to such a beautiful young woman such as my daughter, but I am so proud to be the parent of a Spartan! It takes a strong village to raise strong healthy kids and this program IS the foundation! That’s what it’s all about! Love, loyalty, strength and a solid foundation! Thank you all for your support and the love you’ve shown all our kids! See you next year! !
Jen M.

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