Who will coach my child?

Our mission is to help your child reach his or her highest potential. We recognize the importance of recruiting, selecting, screening and educating Spartan coaches. Many of our coaches have played football in high school, college, semi-professionally and in the military. All coaches are required to undergo a thorough background check and must hold the [...]

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What about concussions?

Concussions are an important topic in all levels of football recently. Many studies conducted have found that concussions occur more frequently in practice than in games, this is most likely attributed to poor coaching and the selection of drills. To address the deficiency of coaches, all Upper Cape Spartans coaches are required to complete multiple [...]

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Is American Youth Football safer?

Traditionally, youth football teams have been formed based on age and weight.   Whereby an older-lighter player could play against younger-heavier players.  Numerous studies have been conducted that have shown that age is a bigger factor in player safety than weight.   See “Required Weight Limits in Youth Football” by Sadler Insurance, or the 2-year study initiated [...]

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How safe is youth football?

Statistically, youth Football is safer than organized soccer, with 12% fewer injuries per capita among 5-15 year olds. American Youth Football is 100% age based. This means that your son will be playing against children that are his same age. The Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma in New York completed a youth football [...]

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