Do I have to attend the mandatory parent meeting?

Mandatory parent meetings are held just before the season begins. During the meeting, the required paperwork is collected to include medical release forms / birth certificates, parent contracts and report cards. It is extremely important to attend one of the mandatory parent meeting dates as failure to appear will void your registration. Families that are [...]

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What if my son/daughter is on the waiting list?

Due to high demand to participate in the Upper Cape Spartans Youth Football & Cheerleading program, registration is handled on a first-come first-served basis. The maximum number of football players that may be on a single team is 36. When registration numbers for a single team exceeds 36, subsequent registrants are placed on the waiting [...]

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Is there a deposit for equipment?

No.  We do not collect a deposit for the equipment that we issue for the season.  We do however; require that you sign a contract stating that you received the equipment and that you will return it in good, usable condition.  Should the equipment suffer damage from negligence or abuse, you will be responsible for [...]

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How are cheerleaders assigned to squads?

Cheerleaders are assigned based on age, experience and team structure considerations, such as the number of girls in a particular age group (if one team is oversized and the next level up is undersized, some of the older girls might be moved up to balance the squads), family considerations (keeping siblings at the same level [...]

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