Project Description

e Upper Cape Spartans have partnered with USA Football and the National Football League to serve as a pilot program in their “Heads Up Football” program. Heads Up Football is a new approach USA Football and the NFL are embarking on to change the culture of America’s favorite sport. This comprehensive solution to player safety promotes concussion awareness and management, coaching education, proper equipment fitting and Heads Up Tackling as well as a set of recommended standards for parents, coaches and leagues. The program was created with contributions from Bobby Hosea and USA Football’s Tackle Advisory Committee; comprised of Former National Football League Players and Coaches.

Youth football leagues must address player safety and advance it in new and better ways. Dedicated volunteers who coach it can do so better and safer. They must learn safer tackling techniques endorsed by medical and football experts. They must know concussion awareness protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Such standards for safer play are needed in youth football.

USA Football created Heads Up Football to help youth leagues attain these standards, which are among the highest in any youth sport. This new membership program, endorsed by renowned medical experts and nationally respected football coaches, provides a comprehensive solution for a better, safer game. Heads Up Football is powered by innovation, educating coaches, parents and players in both direct and technologically advanced ways. Our children’s safety demands it.