None of this is really about football. We’re going to get scored on eventually and lose a game, and that doesn’t mean anything. What I hope we’re doing is sending kids into life who know that every day means something. Sure we like our football around here, but we truly believe it takes a whole town to raise a child, and that’s worth a whole lot more.” – Roger Barta

There’s too much lip service when it comes to youth sports and how they build character.  We’ve heard the terms “sportsmanship” and “teamwork” thrown around all too often without any time spent by the coaches of teams to actually develop these traits.  We decided to take a fresh, new approach to youth football and cheer:  We took a blueprint for developing character, strengthening academics and building leaders and then we added a sport on top of it…instead of the other way around.

The UCS was founded with the purpose of developing team chemistry, character and a winning attitude in the youth football players and cheerleaders that participate in the program. The “end-product” of participation in UCS is not the wins, losses, championships or trophys earned, it’s what the young men and women become 20 years from now. The administrators and coaches of the UCS recognize that we are in a unique position, working with children during their formative years. Our hope is to reinforce the positive values and character traits that will benefit the children throughout their lives.


The Foundations Program begins the first day of practice and continues throughout the season. Each week, a different foundations theme will be stressed and discussed with the team. A short 3-4 paragraph foundations character lesson will be distributed via handout or email to each player. Each week Foundation Awards will be presented to several players who exhibit the character theme traits of the lesson.

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