I heard the games are far away. Is that true?

It is not.  Our regular season is 8-9 games long.  These games are typically equally divided between home and away games, which is the standard across all youth tackle football programs.  Our flag team plays the same 8-9 game schedule as the tackle teams.   The amount of travel required to participate in the Upper Cape [...]

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What should I bring to games?

Football players will need their helmets, shoulder pads, game jersey, game pants and cleats.  Players will also need black game socks.  In an effort to be uniform, players should wear black undershirts.  Water will be provided. Sports drinks are prohibited on turf fields. 

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What teams do the Spartans play against?

The Upper Cape Spartans are members of the Blackstone Valley Youth Football Conference (BVYFC), who consistently compete at the national level.  During the 2014 season, 8 Blackstone teams/squads traveled to Florida to compete in nationals.  The Blackstone Valley Youth Football Conference All-Star team was ranked #4 in the United States.   For a complete list [...]

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When and where are games played?

Football games are played on Sunday, beginning roughly the weekend prior to Labor Day (with Labor Day weekend off), depending on the field scheduling and other factors.  The season is equally divided between home and away games.  Home games have been played on sports fields in Falmouth.  Away games are dependent on the conference schedule.  [...]

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What is the time frame for the season?

The beginning of the season is determined by the conference. For the 2014 season, practice may begin as early as July 22nd. September marks the first games of the season. Playoffs are played in the beginning of November followed by our annual UCS Banquet.  

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